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 I love getting pictures from the owners of the pets I've placed.  The kittens leave my house at four months of age so I only get to see how they matured through pictures.  To be honest, I'm very proud at how beautiful and well cared for the tonks look.  It means that I've not only done a good job of breeding to "CFA standards" but done an excellent job of  picking great new parents.  Here are some pictures of some of the kittens I've placed. 

Charlotte and Rex

I love this picture of Charlotte and her new kitten Rex.  Rex, a Champagne Point kitten, lives with his new folks and little mistress, in Shaker Heights.  12/05

Gwen's Ping and Pong

Isn't this a beautiful picture?  Sir Ping and Sir Pong are both Champagne Mink boys.  They live with  Gwen and her family in Columbus.  8/05

Romeo a Champagne Mink Boy

Romeo Don Juan DeLeur is a Champagne Point boy  and litter mates to Colombo, Trinity, Emma, and Ming. Most of you will recognize this pose.  Tonks are shoulder cats.   Romeo is a really lucky Tonk.  He lives right on the North Coast and has a beautiful view of Lake Erie outside his window.  10/01

Platinum Mink - Boodles

This is a picture of Boodles.  No, Boodles isn't a large cat, this is just the way the picture was taken. Boodles is a Platinum Mink boy and lives with the Ullman family in Ohio.  Notice that Boodles is making bread with his paws.

Ted's Columbo and Trinity

Trinity, a Champagne Point female and Colombo, a Platinum Mink boy live with Ted in St. Louis. Colombo is about 13 lb. which is pretty big for a tonk.  Trinity is just over 6 lb. which is the low side of average for a female.  According to Ted  "...they are both very sweet, outgoing, and terrific companions".   Tonks love climbing trees.   



Pong and Teak - Platinum Mink boy

Teak and Pong are two Platinum Mink Tonkinese who live with Paulette and Bob in Northern Ohio.  Teak, who is looking at the camera, is of my breeding

Teak giving Bob hugs and kisses

Speaking of spoiled tonks, they have convinced Bob to build them a floor to ceiling climbing tree made of carpeting and sisal rope. As all good tonks, they reward their humans (in this case Bob) with hugs and kisses.   2004

Linda and John with Willie a Champagne Mink

Willy is a Champagne Mink boy who  lives with John and Linda  in NY.   John
called to say that Willy was everything he had hoped for.  John and I were a little worried that his 14 year old dog, Chelsea would not get along with the kitten.  It took a couple of weeks but they became great buds. Unfortunately, Chelsea died in the summer of 2005.   6/2005

Minkitty's Willie, a Champagne Mink Male

Here are a couple of  up dated pictures of Willie taken by John's nephew  in  February 07.  Willie is about 2 years old in this picture.   He's beautiful.

Willie, a Champagne Mink Boy on a tree.

" Hi....I'm John D's Nephew John F.. I enjoyed photgraphing his spectacular Tonkinese today.  What a Beautiful Cat.  He has such a cute personality.  If I ever need a cat...I know to call you. "
e-mail from the nephew

Winston, a Platinum Solid and Cowboy Pete

Winston is a Platinum Solid boy with his buddy, Cowboy Pete, a Blue Solid boy.  As you can see, as kittens the colors are very similar. The Blue Solid color will, however,  deepen into a dark slate color with a touch of highlights.  Both boys live with the Patterson family in the Dayton area.  10/05

Pandora, a Platinum Mink female and Chloe a Siamese

Pandora is a platinum mink female who lives with Mary and her feline friend Chloe, a traditional Siamese.  See the difference in the head?

Rex, a Champagne Point boy and Charlotte

This is another picture of Rex, a Champagne Point boy who lives with Charlotte, Alison and Des. Here is a tonk story in Alison's own words that many of you,  will recognize.  
"You should have seen him the other day just dying to see what we were doing on the table while Charlotte and I rolled out dough and cut cookies. We would not let him on the table so he climbed up my back and sat on my shoulder looking down. It was so hilarious! AND he gives hugs! He reaches up his paws and nuzzles his nose into your neck by your ear." 06

Mika, a platinum mink tonkinese

Mika is a platinum mink Tonkinese who lives in Rochester with his family Tina and Bill.  They loved Mika so much they came back for a blue solid female.

Mika, a platinum mink tonkinese


I have been meaning to write to you for a long time to let you know how happy we are that we purchased a cat from you in March of 2001. Burma is just the sweetest cat and is constantly sitting on my shoulder. The kids all love her and I never thought I could get so attached to a cat. I just wanted to let you know how happy we are that we adopted her and if we are ever in the market for another kitten, you'll be the first person we call. Thanks again.

Patty, Tim. Estee, Frank, and Olivia
e-mailsent in 04




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