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Minkitty Tonkinese
Cleveland, Ohio

Home of several spoiled tonks and one well trained human.

From time to time, I have an adult Tonkinese to place.  These are usually retired breeders or retired show cats.  Sometimes they are older kittens that I have held back to show or breed and then changed my mind.

I love these cats and know their personalities as they have been with me for a while.  It isn't easy to part with them but  there are only so many cats I can keep and be fair to all of them.  As a result, I like most  breeders, place some of my retired adults or older kittens as pets.  

Since it is difficult to part with the adults, ( more so than kittens), I tend to take a long time looking for the perfect home.  I turn down many people, not because they wouldn't make great pet owners, but because I didn't feel the match was quite right.  So far I've made very good choices and the adults Tonks that I have placed have great lives with loving people and are in the perfect environment for them.   

If you are interested in a retired Tonkinese, please e-mail me and tell me a little about what you are looking for and why.  We may just have a match

GP Minkitty's Oliver


GP Minkitty's Oliver, a Champagne Solid Neuter is available. 07/30/2015

Oliver is a cool dude, laid back, affectionate but not overbearing.

Riesling Riesling

GC, NW, Purrtek Riesling of Minkitty, a Platinum Mink Neuter. DOB 04/23/2012

Riesling is also a cool dude cat and affection. He was a national winner in CFA as both a kitten and as an adult. I planned on taking him out in premiership but after I neutered him he gained weight. I didn't have the heart to isolate him to control his eating so he just eats and hangs out with the other cats. I'll try to put up a more recent photo.



GC, GP Minkitty's Brandi, a Champagne Mink Spay. DOB 07/30/2015 (Littermate to Oliver)

Brandi is very affectionate, tends to get bossy with the other cats around breakfast time (canned food) but otherwise plays well with others. I'm showing her right now for a Regional Win. If she does well in the next two shows she won't be available until the end of April. Brandi is going to live in Michigan

GP Minkitty's Candy Girl, a Platinum Mink Spay. DOB 07/30/2015 (part of the same litter as Oliver and Brandi)

Candy is beautiful and very affectionate. I'd like to show her in Premiership but she's a little shy in the show hall. Candy Girl is also going to live in Michigan with Brandi.


GC Minkitty's My Girl, a Champagne Solid Spay. DOB 04/13/2014.

My Girl is a very sweet girl and was a loving mom to her kittens.


Pictures taken a February 2018. Cutie Pie is very shy and not available.


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