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Cat Fanciers Association Logo
The Cat Fancier's Association
The world's largest registry of
pedigreed cats.
Great Lakes Regional Logo
The CFA Great Lakes Region
A region of CFA which
encompasses all of Ohio, Michigan,
West Virginia. and part of NY, PA,
KY, and Ontario.
Winn Foundation logo
The Winn Feline Foundation
Sponsored by CFA and dedicated
to  the health of cats.
An international, CFA affiliated club for Tonkinese cat enthusiasts.
This site has a wealth of information on the Tonkinese breed and
an invitation to join our club
Cleveland Persian Society Logo
Cleveland Persian Society
A Cleveland based all breed cat club. This is one of CFA's oldest show producing member cat club. We put on two shows per year in Parma, Ohio.
Champagne Cat Club
Champagne Cat Club is our sister club.  
The Cat Channel Logo
Short Haired Cats
Find the best breed of cat for you. Choose from short haired cats like the Abyssinian, American Shorthair, Sphynx and Oriental Siamese Cats
Western PA Cat Fanciers, Inc.
Western Pennsylvania
Cat Fanciers
A cat club which puts on a large show every March in the Pittsburgh area.
Stay-A-While is a no-kill shelter in North Royalton, Ohio.  (Just south of Cleveland). This is a great place to get a cat or kitten and by doing so, make room for another one to live in a no kill environment.  If you get a chance to visit this shelter, please do so.  You will be amazed by  the facility, the devoted people who run it and the volunteers who make it special. 
Tonkinese Standard
A slide presentation created by Linda Martino
(CFA's Tonkinese Breed Council Secretary)
on the Tonkinese Standard.

  Tonkinese Genetics
Great article on the TBA website on Tonkinese
Genetics by Linda Martin
Kitty Site Logo
The Cat Lover's Online Directory! If you are looking for a cat-related website, this is a great place to start.
Crinkle BallsCatToys.com   I put a couple of these crinkle balls in my  kitten take home kit.  Pet buyers are always asking  where I get the Crinkle Balls.  I get them from this on line cat toy store.  They are the BEST tonk toy.   

Here is a testimonial from Caryn.
  "You gave us a group of toys including a small multicolored soft ball with a crinkle foil middle.  Do you happen to remember where you got it?  It’s apparently the only toy that works for fetch....  Tae goes crazy for this toy but just looks sort of ho-hum at the other balls – and I’ve got every other ball."


For Current CFA Cat Shows

Peta Kills Animals
PETA Kills Animals
Peta wants to do away with all pet ownership and farm animals.  Click on the logo and learn more
Almost Heaven Cat Club Logo
Almost Heaven Cat Club

A West Virginia based CFA all breed cat club.
Show Cat Style Banner

Show Cat Style is where I get my great show curtains.  Sandi is located in  the Cleveland area.  
Fibica by Golden Eight
Golden Eight’s mythical Fibica creature touch your heart and mind. Visit the author's web site and learn more about the journey of the  novel’s heroine, Ella.


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